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Tenishia - Shores Of Eden

September 26, 2011
If anyone got Malta on the map of dance land, it's producer/DJ duo Tenishia. They won the hearts of thousands of dance fans, as well as the support of the DJ elite, not only with their award-winning productions, but their remixes and captivating DJ sets as well. Tenishia has more than once proven to be riding diversity, with productions ranging from chill-out to dark, deep-bassed progressive and uplifting, feel-good trance. With their new single 'Shores of Eden', they feed the music lovers an anthem of serenity, mixing mind-shivering vocals with a delicate prog-trance sound, heavy synths and a burst of energy. 'Shores Of Eden' has all potential of becoming a crowd's favourite. Dutchman Mark Sixma stirs up this beauty by pushing its tempo, giving it an extra techy, playful flavor and creating a real peak-time anthem. If you're in need of some relaxation, try Tenishia's Chillout remix, taken from their 'Frozen Roads' compilation.


  1. 0. Shores Of Eden (Original Mix) (06:47)
  2. 0. Shores Of Eden (Mark Sixma Remix) (06:51)
  3. 0. Shores Of Eden (Chill Out Mix) (04:30)
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