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Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde - Story of Life

May 22, 2011
After a memorable Armada Night on the beautiful isle of Malta, Ruben de Ronde was invited to the studio of Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar. Right there, in the Tenishia studio, a new piece of music came into being. 'Story of Life' is the first collab of Tenishia and Ruben de Ronde, and hopefully not the last. Both Ruben and the Tenishia duo have their share of experience. Tenishia, winners of three Malta Music Awards for 'Best Dance Track' and known for their 'Outsiders', 'Reasons To Forgive', 'Burning From The Inside', 'Man In Denial' and many other strong releases on the Armind, Magic Island, S107 or Soundpiercing label. Ruben de Ronde, not only the owner of his very own Statement! Recordings label, but also a master in blending styles with his proggy deep 'Grands Boulevards', playful and housy 'Stoer' and touching, trancy 'Forever In Our Hearts'. With three talented producers teaming up, you know you can't go wrong. That's exactly what 'Story of Life' tells you. A fuse of progressive and trance balances their sounds, sensitive but energizing. Touching you on the inside, in both the vocal and instrumental version. These guys really do tell a story, and not just musically wise. 'Story of Life' will surely be a highlights you'll remember after a long night down the club. Both remixes of this pack make a wonderful addition to the original. The country of Israel brings us the beats of Michael Tsukerman. No stranger to remix-duties, he delivers a tougher, darker version of 'Story of Life'. Julian Wess and Mike Carey stayed on the lighter, progressive-house side of things, all with a serious, tender undertone.


  1. 1. Story Of Life (Original Mix) (07:13)
  2. 2. Story Of Life (Michael Tsukerman Remix) (07:18)
  3. 3. Story Of Life (Julian Wess & Mike Carey Vocal Mix) (07:25)
  4. 4. Story Of Life (Instrumental Mix) (07:13)
  5. 5. Story Of Life (Michael Tsukerman Instrumental Mix) (07:01)
  6. 6. Story Of Life (Julian Wess & Mike Carey Dub Mix) (07:25)
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