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Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde feat. Nanje Nowack - Where Do We Go?

November 06, 2015
After a multitude of top-tier tunes on various Armada Music labels, Tenishia finally turn to the Statement! imprint, showcasing their fourth magnificent team-up with label boss Ruben de Ronde as a truly astounding effort. Witnessed by a crowd of 15,000 strong during its premier at ASOT Festival Mexico, ‘Where Do We Go’ has got it all: gorgeous vocals by Nanje Nowack, incredible atmospheres, and a swell melody. Amazing stuff, wrapped in a smashing Ruben de Ronde Mix and superb Tenishia Mix!


  1. 1. Where Do We Go? (Tenishia Radio Edit) (03:31)
  2. 2. Where Do We Go? (Ruben de Ronde Radio Edit) (03:09)
  3. 3. Where Do We Go? (Tenishia Mix) (05:56)
  4. 4. Where Do We Go? (Ruben de Ronde Mix) (05:52)
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