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Tenishia - Point Of No Return

August 13, 2012
With a knack for the eclectic and an open mind to fusing styles, Tenishia brings us the next jewel of their debut album. 'Point Of No Return' takes you in with its mysterious, string-swept character. 'Always Loved, Never Forgotten', 'As It Should' and the IDMA nominated 'Shores Of Eden'. With the release of their debut album, Cyprian Cassar and Joven Grech have unveiled many gems, each with their own feel. 'Memory Of A Dream' also brings us 'Point of No Return', a track with sweeping strings, emotional, melodic layers and deep vocals. Once the break has you in its spell, you'll be awakened by a techy outburst of energetic synths. Another Tenishia favourite.


  1. 1. Point Of No Return (Extended Mix) (07:51)
  2. 2. Point Of No Return (Instrumental Mix) (07:51)
  3. 3. Point Of No Return (Album Mix) (06:28)
  4. 4. Point Of No Return (Radio Edit) (04:13)
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