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Tenishia - Jaguar / As We Speak

April 01, 2013
Taken from the 2012 debut album of Malta's hottest duo, Tenishia, is their new E.P. on Soundpiercing. Bringing longevity to the 'Memory of a Dream' album, are the prog-trancy 'Jaguar' and 'As We Speak'. Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar continue to live out their dream, travelling the globe to bring smiles upon the faces of ten-thousands of EDM fans. And not only through their sets, do they touch our hearts. But also through their unrivalled productions, with the latest duo being the perfect example. 'As We Speak' walks the tender, proggy side of trance, while 'Jaguar' crawls right in before revealing its mysterious, trancy break. Two new additions to an impressive legacy.


  1. 1. Jaguar (Original Mix) (06:21)
  2. 2. As We Speak (Original Mix) (07:58)
  3. 3. Jaguar (Radio Edit) (04:01)
  4. 4. As We Speak (Radio Edit) (04:32)
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