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Tenishia feat. Chris Jones - Memory Of A Dream

February 25, 2013
If there's anything Tenishia manages to grasp with the title track of their beloved 'Memory of a Dream' album, it's the spark of emotion. Seasoned with the powerful vocals of Chris Jones, this is the tune that gets under your skin before you know it. With Maltese duo Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar living to the rhythm of EDM, they've been living out their big dream. It's been a while since the Tenishia guys saw it turn into reality, but that doesn't mean they don't sometimes have to pinch themselves. 5 Malta Music Awards, a number 50 position in the DJ Mag Top 100 and the relentless support of their fans. 'Memory of a Dream' is their dedication to them. A warm track that surrounds you, embracing all things Tenishia's known for.


  1. 1. Memory Of A Dream (Extended Mix) (06:44)
  2. 2. Memory Of A Dream (Club Mix) (07:14)
  3. 3. Memory Of A Dream (Album Mix) (04:11)
  4. 4. Memory Of A Dream (Unplugged Mix) (02:59)
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