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Tek-Ne featuring Catherine - Taurine

December 17, 2007
Following the Coldharbour Selection "Mainstage Edition", we now bring you a new track by Tek-Ne featuring vocals from Catherine. Dark trance with a subtle melody in the true Coldharbour style. For those not big on vocals, check out the dub mix.DJ Support:Markus Schulz: Full support!Andy Moor: Dub mix for me, great for my sets...Matt Darey: Really diggin' the deep grooves on the Dub mixDJ Joop: Normally i will down the dub cause im not that big of vocal guy:)....but this vocal mix really does the trick for me!Sied van Riel: Gonna try this out! nice tuneFlash Brothers: Rocking dub mix, very powerfull prog tranceAdam White: I love this track wlll be supporting 100%Cor Fijneman: Great tune!Paul Moelands (Octagen/Re:Locate): Liking the tune


  1. 0. Taurine (Dub Mix) (07:39)
  2. 0. Taurine (Vocal Mix) (08:010)
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