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Teddy Beats feat. Suse B - I'll Be Around

September 27, 2019
People think that just because he’s done so much - that because he *knows* so much - that The Bearded Man must have extremely expensive tastes. While it’s true that he enjoys fine dining and exceptional wine, most people would be shocked to discover his true favorite activity. Is it cruising around on a yacht? Nope. Is it flying in a private jet? Wrong again. What about that feeling of meeting someone new, when that person immediately ignites something inside you that you thought was gone? That person who you just *know* will be around for years? Close, but that’s still second place. His favorite thing? Water slides. Something about feeling the rush of water past him as he goes careening down the fastest slides just tickles his beard to no end. Psh, and you thought you knew him well.

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  1. 1. I'll Be Around (03:02)
  2. 2. I'll Be Around (Extended Mix) (03:31)
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