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Team Argentina - Alpha Omega

May 27, 2016
Having mastered the art of forging dark, techy, and fierce smashes, Team Argentina shows the world what the real definition of "impact" is. From under their Team Argentina guise, Heatbeat, Chris Schweizer, and Tomas Heredia unleash 'Alpha Omega' onto Armada Captivating, sure to cause musical mayhem wherever it ventures. Add the ravaging, 'A State Of Trance 2016'-featured remix of Irishman Sneijder to the mix and you're all set to discover the full extent of this tune's power. There's nothing like it!


  1. 1. Alpha Omega (03:47)
  2. 2. Alpha Omega (Extended Mix) (05:32)
  3. 3. Alpha Omega (Sneijder Remix) (03:37)
  4. 4. Alpha Omega (Sneijder Extended Remix) (06:43)
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