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Talla 2XLC vs Robert Burian - Drums Of Ganesha

August 06, 2012
Talla 2XLC is back on Perfecto with a hot new collaboration with Robert Burian on this turbo cool new single "Drums Of Ganesha". Without doubt one of the hottest summer records to come out of the Perfecto office this year. We're wet with excitement. Roll call for our handy new Frenchman, Damian William, who turns in a barn-door kicking electro house 'mofo' for clublands biggest baddest dance floors. Who fancies a good hard bang?


  1. 1. Drums Of Ganesha (Original Mix) (06:54)
  2. 2. Drums Of Ganesha (Damian William Remix) (05:46)
  3. 3. Drums Of Ganesha (Radio Edit) (04:05)
  4. 4. Drums Of Ganesha (Damian William Radio Edit) (03:11)
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