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Talla 2XLC vs Paul Miller - Extravaganza

October 03, 2011
Legendary German trance producer Talla 2XLC teams up with Poland's Paul Miller to create this driving, tough as nails package for Perfecto Fluoro. "Extravaganza" is a kicking track of gigantic proportions that showcases the pair's razor sharp production sound. This is a peak time monster for the more energetic dance floors that has already taken the roof off at many of Paul Oakenfold's summer shows. Leading the charge Talla's own mix headlines the pack - with Scot Project making a slight alteration to the breakdown to create a subtle variation. A driving intro builds to a sublime melodic break and then a stripped back kick in with a blisteringly tough and refreshingly original bass line that literally shreds speakers and anyone within close proximity to them. Paul Miller's completes the bundle with a trademark mix that reaffirms his position as one of the hottest trance produces to come out of Europe in the last 5 years. Bang bang bang!!


  1. 0. Extravaganza (Talla 2XLC Mix) (06:10)
  2. 0. Extravaganza (Paul Miller Mix) (07:06)
  3. 0. Extravaganza (Scot Project Breakdown Edit) (07:20)
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