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Swolenbeatz - Unify

August 27, 2012
After a loud and roaring kick-off, the brand new Energetic Sounds label is making sure you hear its rising talents. The second release comes from Dutch soil, and let us tell you…'Swolenbeatz - Unify' kicks in hard! There's a new movement going on in dance land. Blending, twisting and mingling all together, the harder styles of EDM are given a warm welcome by those into house, electro and prog. It's one big, happy blend, providing a contagious and energetic style to those that crave long hours on the dance floor. Swolenbeatz hears their call, strengthening his discography with the maddening 'Unify'. A loud, outrageous tune that must only be played on high volume.


  1. 1. Unify (Original Mix) (06:00)
  2. 2. Unify (Radio Edit) (03:15)
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