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Swolenbeatz - Get Down

December 17, 2012
There's no way you could've gone around the launch of Armada's latest label additions, Energetic Sounds. But to make sure you know all about its statement, ES invites Dutchman Swolenbeatz to kick it out loud! And so he does, with 'Get Down'!Home to the new generation of EDM producers and part of the rougher, eclectic sound that's part of the new movement, Energetic Sounds presents the second release of youngster Swolenbeatz. The follow-up to 'Unify' comes in the shape of maddening electro stabs, a catchy melody and an outbreak of stumping bass. That's 'Get Down', and it's telling your exactly what to do!


  1. 1. Beast Mode (Original Mix) (06:00)
  2. 1. Get Down (Original Mix) (05:18)
  3. 2. A.M.E.N. (Original Mix) (06:52)
  4. 2. Get Down (Radio Edit) (03:03)
  5. 3. Beast Mode (Radio Edit) (03:45)
  6. 4. A.M.E.N. (Radio Edit) (04:03)
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