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Swen Weber - Bassmann

September 03, 2007
Three months after the incredibly successful release of FIRST STROKE (Craft Music), Opaque Music is very proud to announce Swen Weber's ( next big record: BASSMANN.The Original Mix on the a-side is coming along with Swen's typical monotonous but highly energetic bassline and contemporary industrial acid sounds, turning the dancefloors upside down among two massive breaks. The flipside starts up with Chris Count's Access Mix, putting the bassline and the acid sounds of the original into a completely new context while adding multiple intense breakdowns. Marc Dirkmann's Vortex Mix on B2 is close to the original and brings up the minimal side of things without losing any energy or intensity of the original.The more uptempo remix of Paul Webster is definitely a crowd pleaser! Check it out!


  1. 0. Bassmann (Original Mix) (06:17)
  2. 0. Bassmann (Paul Webster Remix) (07:34)
  3. 0. Bassmann (Chris Counter Access Mix) (06:40)
  4. 0. Bassmann (Mark Dirkmann Mix) (05:48)
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