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Swanky Tunes & Arston feat. C. Todd Nielsen - At The End Of The Night (Remixes)

January 25, 2016
As the insane joint venture of Swanky Tunes, Arston, and C. Todd Nielsen swept you off your feet and made you throw your hands in the air to the powerful beats and solid melody, we already knew it was a winner. So we've called on two of the industry's finest to give the tremendous tune their treatment and they gladly delivered. 'At The End Of The Night' it doesn't even matter if you listen to the stunning original, the classy Matvey Emerson Remix or Jayceeoh's astounding rendition; either of them is more than worth your time.


  1. 1. At The End Of The Night (Matvey Emerson Radio Edit) (03:20)
  2. 2. At The End Of The Night (Jayceeoh Remix) (03:18)
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