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Susana & Shogun - Only You

August 27, 2012
If it's warmth and emotion you're looking for, then be sure to listen to Susana's 'Brave' album. Taken from that unique collection of music, the Dutch songstress presents the beautiful 'Only You', her long-awaited collab with US producer Shogun. If anyone has managed to capture emotion into sounds, it's Shogun. Trance society completely fell for his 'Skyfire', 'Amplify' and 'Space Odyssey' , solid favorites to many. His sound makes a perfect combination to Susana's captivating voice and striking lyrics. On 'Only You', their talents reign supreme, crawling under your skin within first play.


  1. 1. Only You (Original Mix) (08:010)
  2. 2. Only You (Dub Mix) (08:010)
  3. 3. Only You (Radio Edit) (03:48)
  4. 4. Only You (Dub Radio Edit) (03:47)
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