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Susana & Josh Gabriel - Frozen

November 08, 2010
While Susana used to sing along with her dad's records, Josh Gabriel was already spending his time controlling the electronic side of music. When Susana decided to take professional singing lessons, which were followed by several live performances, Josh enjoyed successful times with his projects Motorcycle, Andain and Gabriel & Dresden. Today, Susana is one of the most requested vocalists in trance music and Josh Gabriel is still on top of his game, even after a quarter of a century. The two of them teamed up and present us 'Frozen', another single taken from Susana's outstanding first artist album 'Closer'. 'Frozen' is a vocal-driven ride into deep, melodic progressive. Bold bass and a maze of intricate spins with Susana's heartfelt voice on top, resulting in one of the highlights on the 'Closer' album. And not just there. This one is guaranteed to rock the crowds!


  1. 0. Frozen (Extended Mix) (08:01)
  2. 0. Frozen (Nic Chagall Remix) (08:19)
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