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Susana & Ernesto vs Bastian with Wezz Devall - Brave

July 23, 2012
Hot off the release of her second artist album, Susana presents the stunning title track, 'Brave'. Pouring her heart out, while keeping us warm with the beats of Ernesto vs Bastian and Wezz Devall, this is the new musical journey that the Dutch songstress takes us on. For the follow-up of the speaker perfect 'All Time Low' and 'Down To Nothing', Susana took a deep dive into her inner self. With a set of touching lyrics and heartfelt vocals, telling us all about wanting to 'be brave in this thing called love', she takes us in completely. For 'Brave', she hooked up with Dutch producer Bastian, residing under the Ernesto vs Bastian project, and up and coming youngster Wezz Devall. Delivering a solid prog track with loads of energy, melody and atmosphere, they've formed the perfect team-up to represent another album to light souls.


  1. 1. Brave (Original Mix) (06:47)
  2. 2. Brave (Dub Mix) (06:52)
  3. 3. Brave (Radio Edit) (03:40)
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