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Susana & Bart Claessen - If I Could

December 20, 2010
Dutch vocal wonder Susana looks back on a successful 2010. After the release of her first artist album 'Closer', her tempting voice left an unforgettable impression on the global dance scene and will continue doing so for a very long time. With her collabs 'Frozen', featuring mastermind Josh Gabriel, 'Give Me Faith' with Mike Shiver and 'The Other Side' with Tenishia's sounds written all over, it's a matter of fact that Susana has quickly grown into one of the most requested vocalists in trance world. On her latest release, 'If I Could' she teamed up with Dutch DJ and producer Bart Claessen. With Bart's remarkable sound, previously heard on this year's instrumental 'Elf' and 'Who.Is – We.Are', Susana's voice once again proves its flexibility. Characterized by a strong baseline and warping effects, 'If I Could' is ready to conquer the global dance society and sweep the floors in full effect, not only with its 'Club Mix' and 'Extended Mix' but also with Bart's '2001 Returning Remix'. The flipside has gentle sounds to offer. UK based producer Dan Stone leaves out lots of the progressive elements and translated 'If I Could' into a stunning trance piece, making a perfect addition to this EP.


  1. 0. If I Could (Album Mix) (06:32)
  2. 0. If I Could (Bart Claessen 2001 Returning Mix) (07:21)
  3. 0. If I Could (Dan Stone Remix) (07:38)
  4. 0. If I Could (Club Mix) (07:29)
  5. 0. If I Could (Bart Claessen 2001 Returning Dub) (06:52)
  6. 0. If I Could (Dan Stone Dub Mix) (07:38)
  7. 0. If I Could (Club Dub) (07:01)
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