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Susana and Mike Shiver - Give Me Faith

July 19, 2010
Though her voice has been resounding in the dance scene for nearly seven years already, Susana has now left the ultimate and unforgettable impression with her artist album 'Closer'. With her upcoming track 'Give me Faith', the second single of her 'Closer' album, she once again rides the prog-trance sound with her all-conquering voice. After working together with well known producers like Armin van Buuren, Josh Gabriel and Dash Berlin, it's now time for Swedish DJ and producer Mike Shiver to create the right soundwaves for Susana's voice. Besides of the already known Album Mix of 'Give me Faith', which can be found on 'Closer', the two of them produced a new Vocal Mix. The outcome can best be described as a melodic, catchy tune with lots of emotion. Both of these tags apply to the remixes of 'Give me Faith' as well. Swedish producer Matias Lehtola added some more uplifting trance elements to this vocal gem. A second remix was produced by Gal Abutbul, who toyed around with Susana's voice to build a creative, melodic piece of outstanding quality. Another essential and remarkable release in both Susana's and Shiver's musical career.


  1. 0. Give Me Faith (Vocal Mix) (07:54)
  2. 0. Give Me Faith (Matias Lehtola Remix) (08:29)
  3. 0. Give Me Faith (Gal Abutbul 1999 Mix) (07:36)
  4. 0. Give Me Faith (Dub Mix) (07:54)
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