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Sunlounger & Zara Taylor - Try To Be Love (Remixes)

September 17, 2012
For his Sunlounger hit 'Try To Be Love' ft. Zara Taylor, Roger Shah set a challenge: an official remix contest. After a killing deadline of 30 days, he selected three winners. So here they are..enjoy the remix skills of Alex Tasty, Thomas Hayes and Hipnos When The Sun! It was a close call, but after having several remixes stuck on repeat, Shah managed to point out the three winning names. The absolute winner of the 'Try To Be Love' remix contest is Alex Tasty from Tikhoretsk, Russia. His remix managed to stand out, riding an eclectic sound of break-beat, prog-house and a slice of trance, having a great drive to it. The number 2 winning remix comes from Thomas Hayes, whose studio's located in Greenvale, Australia. His remix is strong and uplifting, with a delicate and warm prog-trance sound. Last, but definitely not least, we'll introduce you to the talents of Hipnos When The Sun, reigning from Vrsac, Serbia. He stripped down 'Try To Be Love' to a piano-driven anthem with a big-room pay-off.


  1. 1. Try To Be Love (Alex Tasty Remix) (06:16)
  2. 2. Try To Be Love (Hipnos When The Sun Remix) (09:010)
  3. 3. Try To Be Love (Thomas Hayes Remix) (07:54)
  4. 4. Try To Be Love (Alex Tasty Radio Edit) (04:23)
  5. 5. Try To Be Love (Hipnos When The Sun Radio Edit) (04:14)
  6. 6. Try To Be Love (Thomas Hayes Radio Edit) (03:38)
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