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Sunlounger - Mediterrnean Flower - Catwalk

August 04, 2008
The first release on DJ Shah's "Magic Island Recordings" is a fact! To celebrate the recent team up with Armada Music he decided to take care of the first release himself with a Sunlounger ep.The German DJ Shah has just finished his brand new Sunlounger album, "Sunny Tales". "Catwalk" and "Mediterranean Flower" are just two out of the brilliant whole he has written for the great follow up on "Another Day On The Terrace", the "Sunlounger" album of last year that reached several #1 spots in album charts in shops like iTunes! DJ Support:Armin van Buuren: great set starter, supporting both tracks!DJ Shah: Great EP:)


  1. 0. Catwalk (Club Mix) (07:26)
  2. 0. Mediterranean Flower (Club Mix) (07:56)
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