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Suncrusaders - Oceanic

December 05, 2011
Unveiling his softer side with the Suncrusaders moniker, Dutch producer Ralph Barendse enchants the masses with prog-trancer 'Oceanic', rushing in with a warm wave of melody… Since the release of his classic 'Massive', the world of EDM has danced to the melodies of Ralphie B, Alpha Breed or Midway. The Dutchman made a grand comeback with 'Bullfrog', 'Delphi' and 'Epic Battle', closing the successful First State chapter and feeding his musical passion with a new identity. Suncrusaders is part of the fresh start he's making, and we're very glad he's letting it all out. 'Oceanic' is a soft but powerful, melodic piece of musical art, warming like the summer sun. Lush piano play and calming synths, guided by strong prog-trance beats, make 'Oceanic' one of those tunes that crawls under your skin from first play on. On a quest for the rougher edge of 'Oceanic', we've invited SEAT's NEXT DJ winner Renvo for his first Armada remix duty. With his remix of 'Oceanic', he shows to have a keen ear for details, pushing it with an energetic, powerful sound of tech-trance.


  1. 1. Oceanic (Original Mix) (07:31)
  2. 2. Oceanic (Renvo Remix) (06:00)
  3. 3. Oceanic (Radio Edit) (03:53)
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