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Sultan + Shepard feat. Nadia Ali & IRO - Almost Home

July 20, 2017
Grammy nominees, Beatport darlings and remixers to A-listers such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Coldplay, LA’s Sultan + Shepard tell the world they’re ‘Almost Home’, posting big room, pop-savvy reassurance with a mid-track wake-up call. Nadia Ali - the voice of Iio’s massive ‘Rapture’ and another previous Sultan + Shepard remix target – is a calming presence amidst the track’s country-brushed vibe, where guitars hold a steady line before surging into its bouncy, zingy climax. Iro’s vocals join forces and offer a second round of sturdy comfort, assisting in the transition of audiences linking arms and then jumping up together. Festival heat shot through with a cool breeze.


  1. 1. Almost Home (03:39)
  2. 2. Almost Home (Extended Mix) (04:49)
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