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StoneBridge, Matt Joko & Jonathan Mendelsohn feat. Crystal Waters - Standing In Your Way

September 24, 2012
Two honorable members of the Swedish house league present a piece of absolute feelgood. StoneBridge and Matt Joko invite singer Jonathan Mendelsohn for the melodic party called 'Standing In Your Way'. They've both earned their stripes in EDM land. StoneBridge, part of the scene for more than 20 years, building his Stoney Boy brand and remixing the stars. Matt Joko, who debuted as a producer on StoneBridge's label in 2008, after 10 years of perfecting his DJ skills. Together with the voice of US singer Jonathan Mendelsohn, they bind their strengths and present the contagious tune of 'Standing In Your Way'. A melodic piece that extends the summer feel! French producer Chris Kaeser was given the honor to remix this baby, which he did by deliviering an oustanding, playful take on 'Standing In Your Way'


  1. 1. Standing In Your Way (Original Mix) (05:05)
  2. 2. Standing In Your Way (Chris Kaeser Remix) (06:15)
  3. 3. Standing In Your Way (Radio Edit) (03:13)
  4. 4. Standing In Your Way (Chris Kaeser Radio Edit) (03:41)
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