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Stonebridge feat. Therese - Take Me Away

February 12, 2018
A little over thirteen years after hitting #9 in the UK Singles Chart, StoneBridge’s ‘Take Me Away’ is back to wow the world with its infectious vibes once more. Coming with a StoneBridge & Damien Hall 2018 Mix as well as in the form of an Original Mix 2018 Remaster, ‘Take Me Away’ will do to you what its title implies.

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  1. 1. Take Me Away (StoneBridge & Damien Hall 2018 Mix) (02:55)
  2. 2. Take Me Away (2018 Remaster) (03:42)
  3. 3. Take Me Away (StoneBridge & Damien Hall 2018 Extended Mix) (03:56)
  4. 4. Take Me Away (2018 Extended Remaster) (05:20)
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