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Steven Lee & Dershin - Hands Up

November 16, 2012
One thing's certain about the sound that comes from the New York based studios of Steven Lee and Gaby Dershin: it's got energy, a taste of oldskool and the right vibe to keep you going all night. Here's to 'Hands Up'! Never-ending nights in the city that never sleeps, has got to be the best way to keep the musical spark going. It is to Steven Lee & Dershin. Together, they rock it with the maddening 'Hands Up'. Oldskool electro-house, claps and break-beat intermezzo's. You gotta love this!


  1. 1. Hands Up (Original Mix) (05:52)
  2. 2. Hands Up (Radio Edit) (03:22)
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