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Stefan Dabruck & Tocadisco - Saturn

July 23, 2012
Early adaptors of the EDM movement in Germany, but with both eyes and ears facing the future, Stefan Dabruck and Tocadisco proceed their mission to please the masses. And so they do, with the rock-hard big-room tune of 'Saturn'.Tocadisco, celebrating 15 years of international DJ and producer success. The creator of more than 150 remixes, three artist albums and 30 successful singles. Stefan Dabruck, one half of the legendary Dabruck & Klein team up, clocking up more than 20 golden recordsand international awards as a label-owner, releasing more than 100 records in the nearly 15 years as a DJ and producer. And you bet, both these guys have the right stamina to keep going for much, much more. Together, they keep you going in the dark hours, rocking you with 'Saturn'.A track bursting with energy, and despite its big-room and electro-shocks still being surprisingly melodic. 'Saturn' has everything you need to kill it on the dance floor!


  1. 1. Saturn (Original Mix) (05:23)
  2. 2. Saturn (Radio Edit) (03:15)
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