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Static Revenger - Happy People (Remixes)

July 18, 2016
Originally released in 2000 and later charted by Fatboy Slim as one of the Top Ten Dance tracks of the Decade, 'Happy People' enjoys a remastered release on Armada Records this summer. With the remaster having been added to the highly sought-after SiriusXM 'Electric Area' playlist immediately after release, the first remix package lives up to the task of reinventing this venerable classic with a techy floor filling romp by Rrotik, a cheeky disco/ talk box take by Lliam & Latroit, and sunset vibes by chill house wizards Sunset Child.


  1. 1. Happy People (Rrotik Remix) (03:21)
  2. 2. Happy People (Lliam & Latroit Remix) (03:11)
  3. 3. Happy People (Sunset Child Remix) (03:11)
  4. 4. Happy People (Rrotik Extended Remix) (03:57)
  5. 5. Happy People (Lliam & Latroit Extended Remix) (05:12)
  6. 6. Happy People (Sunset Child Extended Remix) (04:59)
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