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Gramercy - Sparks (feat. Sharna Bass) (Remixes)

July 27, 2017
Gramercy’s track 'Sparks' featuring Sharna Bass has received the ultimate remix treatment from both Mr. Belt & Wezol and APEXAPE. While you can expect Mr. Belt & Wezol to add their signature energetic and bumping house spin to the track, APEXAPE deliver a more minimal, striped down approach, allowing the record to fit in a new club space, perfect for the summer festival season. No matter which remix you gravitate to more, both versions breathe new life into the already banging original.


  1. 1. Sparks (feat. Sharna Bass) (Apexape Remix) (02:37)
  2. 2. Sparks (feat. Sharna Bass) (Mr. Belt & Wezol Remix) (03:28)
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