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Space RockerZ - Get Down City / Crooked Hook

June 13, 2011
Los Angeles duo Michael Calderone and Austin Hall have made quite an impression on Markus Schulz and his Global DJ Broadcast listeners over the past 12 months. Calderone’s history with Coldharbour goes back quite a few years, with collaborations alongside the likes of Ketho and Christopher Reddick making appearances on the Amsterdam ’08 and Toronto ’09 compilations respectively. However, it’s his unision with Hall as the Space Rockerz that has projected both to another level. From their championed anthem Weather the Storm to their remix of Markus’ track Rain, their tinted sound of trance fused with tough house and electro influences has catapulted them into discussions about the best upcoming talent in the genre. Leading track Get Down City will be familiar to those who enjoyed Markus’ Prague ’11 compilation, setting the scene early in disc one that the journey would not go quietly. The electro bassline acts as the backdrop to those vibrant city nights, and is definitely not one for the weak. With live support from Markus, including plays at events which the guys have attended in person, it has slotted into the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour shows perfectly. Crooked Hook is a more melodic approach which has been doing the rounds on Global DJ Broadcast, and recently made an appearance during his set for Afterhours FM’s 5 Year Anniversary celebrations. It’s hard to refrain from nodding along to the plodding bassline and smiling to the luscious and hypnotic melody. Those Space Rockerz certainly have an apt artist pseudonym, because both Get Down City and Crooked Hook give you that rocking bassline effect, tingled with spaced melodies in between.


  1. 0. Get Down City (Original Mix) (06:56)
  2. 0. Crooked Hook (Original Mix) (07:11)
  3. 0. Get Down City (Radio Edit) (03:16)
  4. 0. Crooked Hook (Radio Edit) (05:00)
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