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Space Jump Salute, Killed Kassette & Dantiez feat. Kimberly Sykes - True

November 20, 2017
A groovalicious link-up between Space Jump Salute, Killed Kassette and Dantiez, ‘True’ has all the hallmarks of a timeless club classic. Laced with Kimberly Sykes’ captivating vocals and flavorful rhythms, this cut, Kydus' remix or both could very well be the floor-filler(s) of the century.

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  1. 1. True (03:20)
  2. 2. True (Kydus Remix) (03:30)
  3. 3. True (Extended Mix) (06:45)
  4. 4. True (Kydus Extended Remix) (07:25)
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