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Dennis Kruissen feat. Axel Ehnström - South America (KLYMVX Remix)

January 10, 2017
Who doesn’t love South America? The drama, the atmosphere, the extreme commitment to partying. These are all things that The Bearded Man LOVES about South America. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and… Wait a minute, what kind of interview is this anyways? Back to the point… Our hero has travelled extensively through South America, and he’s experienced everything from deep, humid jungles to dry, freezing mountain tops. He’s beached at every beach there is to beach, and he’s enjoyed the city life of Buenos Aires. He’s marveled at ancient ruins and explored the catacombs of Peru. He’s done a pretty good portion of it all, but there’s one thing he’s never, EVER done. Ever. He’s never ever questioned his sexuality. Not even once. Not for one second. Is that relevant? No, not really.


  1. 1. South America (KLYMVX Remix) (03:16)
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