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Ben Gold - Sound Advice

September 20, 2019
Building on the sky-high standard set by the first chapter of ‘Sound Advice’, Ben Gold returns to deliver his musical vision and take over the dance music domain once again. Firmly stepping into the clubs with this power house chapter to contrast the more melodic sound of chapter one, the U.K. Trance tastemaker gave some of the scene’s freshest talents a chance to shine on the 8-piece album by complementing known bangers with brand-new collaborations. This is the music that’s been rocking Ben Gold’s shows all year, so you’d do well to take his ‘Sound Advice’ in terms of track selection.

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  1. 1. Ben Gold - The City Sleeps Tonight (03:27)
  2. 2. Ben Gold & HVNNAH - Come Home (03:24)
  3. 3. Ben Gold & Rb Naylr - Why You El? (03:45)
  4. 4. Ben Gold - Sapphire (Recut) (03:11)
  5. 5. Ben Gold, Ruben de Ronde & Louise Rademakers - Ghost (03:19)
  6. 6. Ben Gold, Sheridan Grout & Fahjah feat. Julia Ross - Take Me To Heaven (03:16)
  7. 7. Ben Gold & After Midnight - Step Inside (03:17)
  8. 8. Ben Gold & Richard Durand - A Thousand Times (04:09)
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