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Sophie Sugar & Tom Colontonio - Arlanda

March 28, 2011
Blending the sounds of two trance powerhouses can be quite a challenge. But not to Sophie Sugar and Tom Colontonio. American producer/DJ Tom Colontonio and UK producer/DJ Sophie Sugar both have their way of rocking the crowd. And with 'Arlanda', they show that + and + really do create a ++-track! Sophie's previous releases, such as 'Call of Tomorrow', 'Fallen Too Far' and 'Redemption', revealed her sixth sense for soothing melodies and big synths, while Tom's style is renowned for its raw, growling character, reflecting the harder side of trance. On 'Arlanda', a perfect balance between their sounds, exists. Right at home at the A State of Trance label, 'Arlanda' will surely move the global crowds. Remix credits go to Iranian producer Masoud. This upcoming talent expanded the track's mainline, revealing a tempting break-down with a guaranteed hands-in-the-air moment.


  1. 0. Arlanda (Original Mix) (07:10)
  2. 0. Arlanda (Masoud Remix) (07:27)
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