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Sophie Sugar - Skyline

October 17, 2011
The sky is the limit to Sophie Sugar. The UK producer has been sweetening the trance scene with her productions since 2005, when 'Call Of Tomorrow' burst onto the scene. Followed by highlights like 'Besided You', 'Together' and Tom Colontonio collab 'Arlanda', not a single cloud on the horizon can kill the spark of this talented producer. 'Skyline' is next in line to show what 'the first lady of trance' is made of. That typical, energetic punch, pounding bassline and sweep of warm melody, is what Sophie is known for. 'Skyline' follows that same, beloved formula, ever-ruling the global clubs. It's trance in all ways and means, taking over from the very minute it kicks in. 'Skyline' gives every horizon a silver lining. Estonian producer Rene Pais brings out the soothing, sensitive character of 'Skyline', by rocking it with his profound DNS Project sound. A progressive-house remix that will get any crowd moving.


  1. 0. Skyline (Original Mix) (07:27)
  2. 0. Skyline (DNS Project Remix) (07:43)
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