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Sophie Sugar featuring Rebecca Emely - Beside You

June 29, 2009
UK's first lady in trance, Sophie Sugar, is hitting the summer season with a new addition to her banging trance sets. 'Fallen Too Far', 'Call of Tomorrow', 'Sense of Connection' and 'Redemption' gave plenty of warm-up heath for this release. 'Beside You' brings out the romantic, vocal side of her, with a touching synth and the warm voice of Rebecca Emely. Leading on towards an oldskool trance break that'll make 'Beside You' an unforgettable highlight, Sophie mixes deep and haunting vocals with stirring melodies and emotive strings to tell the story of always being watched over by someone we love.


  1. 0. Beside You (Original Mix) (06:56)
  2. 0. Beside You (Dub Mix) (05:58)
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