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Sophie Sugar - All For You

November 01, 2010
The London-based power-lady of trance, Sophie Sugar, does it again. She takes your breath away. The trance scene inhaled her 'Call Of Tomorrow', 'Beside You' and 'Together' as if they were made of air instead of intricate beats and a maze of melodies. A gasp of fresh breath will get to you, once you turn up the follow-up, 'All for You'. With 'All For You', Sophie presents a lovely uplifting trancer that captivates you with its spacey sound-scape and heartfelt synth-sounds. A tempting violin-line in the break, the contagious female vocal and the track's dreamy piano on top lead to a big, stunning pay-off. Peak-time trance at its best! Building up on the tracks classical influences, Polish sound-creator Mateusz Stanisz a.k.a. Matt Skyer extends the track's lovely breakdown a bit more. He lets 'All For You' build up gently, delivering a dreamy, euphoric uplifting piece.


  1. 0. All For You (Original Mix) (07:37)
  2. 0. All For You (Matt Skyer Remix) (07:37)
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