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Solid Stone - Grid / Identity

May 12, 2013
Being able to stand out in the overflowing sea of EDM these days, is more than luck to upcoming producer Solid Stone. Following his strong Re*Brand debut, is the Cycles 4 approved 'Identity' and equally impressive 'Grid'. Elias Barouche has caught the right wind to surf. After getting his songs championed by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and of course Re*Brand owner Max Graham, his 'Surge' and 'Torpor' paved the way for more Solid Stone goodies to come. And here they are. 'Identity' made a perfect addition to Graham's Cycles 4 compilation, rocking it with its synth-loaded groove and a perfect mix of prog and trance. On 'Grid', Solid Stone shows to be more than capable of handling both styles, swinging from deep, proggy beats to a warm, melodic break. Let's hope Re*Brand's got many more Solid Stone's on the menu.


  1. 1. Grid (Original Mix) (05:39)
  2. 2. Identity (Original Mix) (07:00)
  3. 3. Grid (Radio Edit) (04:01)
  4. 4. Identity (Radio Edit) (04:05)
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