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Solarstone - Seven Cities

March 04, 2013
Throughout the +13 years of its existence, Solarstone's balearic ├╝berclassic 'Seven Cities' has moved literally millions of people. With its musical fire still burning bright, it now sees 4 brand new remakes come to life. Enjoy Solarstone's Pure re-touch, as well as remixes by Antillas & Dankann, rising talent Thomas Datt & newcomer Almar. Richard Mowatt aka Solarstone is responsible for some of the biggest classics in EDM history. The UK producer/DJ didn't only bring us the seminal classics 'Solarcoaster, 'Like A Waterfall' and 'Jump The Next Train' plus more recent anthems 'The Spell', 'Fireisland' & 'Jewel; he's also one of the masterminds (together with Andy Bury) behind 'Seven Cities' - an all-time favourite that won't fade anytime soon. For 2013, Solarstone himself has given it a #PureTrance upgrade - his 'Pure' Mix injecting that extra push of energy and bass-work. Italian producers Antillas & Dankann go full out on feel-good, giving it that playful stir of prog-house, without losing its original vibe. Polish producer Thomas Datt on the other hand, kept his focus on the uplifting and trancey side of 'Seven Cities', providing a solid remix for the trance junkies - as does Romania's Almar who pulls no punches with his rousing, melodic mix.


  1. 1. Seven Cities (Pure Mix) (09:36)
  2. 2. Seven Cities (Antillas & Dankann Remix) (07:46)
  3. 3. Seven Cities (Thomas Datt Remix) (08:24)
  4. 4. Seven Cities (Almar Remix) (08:28)
  5. 5. Seven Cities (Antillas & Dankann Radio Edit) (03:29)
  6. 6. Seven Cities (Thomas Datt Radio Edit) (03:27)
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