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Sneijder - Onto Tomorrow / Facelift

May 09, 2011
There's no doubt about the talent that drives Andrew Liggett to produce one anthem after the next. Under his Sneijder moniker, he's been feeding the EDM-lovers with characteristic sounds for over three years already. It's been only a few weeks since his heavy-weighing 'Back To Berlin' & 'Checkpoint' saw the light of day on Paul van Dyk's successful VANDIT label. Still impacting the global floors, he upgrades his impressive discography with another jewel of an E.P.: 'Facelift' and 'Onto Tomorrow'. This time, it's John O'Callaghan's Subculture that's invaded with his sounds. Whether you're a sucker for tight techno-sounds, creaky acid or emotional trance-elements, Sneijder pleases all. 'Onto Tomorrow' aims for melodic madness, with deep sounds and a heartfelt break. A colossal pay-off oozes nothing but strong acid elements, blowing you away completely. Can't get enough of the energetic boost? Let 'Facelift' get under your skin then, getting your heart pumping to its rhythm, with a constant drive and heavy build-up. These two will move you till the very last beat!


  1. 0. Onto Tomorrow (Original Mix) (07:29)
  2. 0. Facelift (Original Mix) (07:07)
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