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Sneijder & Neal Scarborough - Your Way

April 09, 2012
Defining the thin line between mass movement and musical bliss is the first of hopefully many more collaborations by Sneijder & Neal Scarborough on the Subculture label. These two talents present the striking sounds of 'Your Way'! Hard-working, successful producers in their own right and with both sharing a passion for the energetic trance sound it's no wonder that the hugely talented Sneijder and Irish mastermind Neal Scarborough met up for some studio action. These guys make up for a great combo, rocking it out with a high BPM and an even higher dose of energy. 'Your Way' makes any dark night light up. Russian producer Cramp does a straight A+ on the remix-duties, giving 'Your Way' a prog-house feel with a rough edge, an early Ibiza summer selection!


  1. 1. Your Way (Original Mix) (07:54)
  2. 2. Your Way (Cramp Remix) (07:24)
  3. 3. Your Way (Radio Edit) (04:27)
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