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Skywalk feat. Martyn Ell - Close My Eyes

October 12, 2018
What would you do if you never had to sleep? Like ever? Would you keep on partying past the sunrise? Would you seize the opportunity to work even more than you do now? Would you take more vacations? Sail on a boat? Chill at the beach? Pick up a new hobby? For humans, it’s just a thought experiment, but for The Bearded Man it’s the truth: As an immortal being, he doesn’t require sleep. To be honest, he doesn’t even fully understand why humans need to spend half their lives unconscious - it almost defies common sense. For the first thousand years or so of his existence, The Bearded Man never closed his eyes. It’s true he got a lot done, building the infrastructure of the early world. But of course, as time went on, and he saw people sleeping on the beach, in their homes etc., and he started to get jealous. It certainly didn’t fit his laid-back vibe to be awake and working all the time. So he taught himself to sleep. And now, his favorite pastime is falling asleep in a hammock on the beach, headphones on, with an empty drink glass slipping out of his fingers onto the sand.

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