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Sir Felix feat. Juliëtte Claire - In Need Of Attention

November 02, 2018
It may seem pretty unlikely, but The Bearded Man actually invented bureaucracy. In the early days of the world, things got done easily and efficiently. But things were *too* efficient. The Bearded Man didn’t have any time to chill - the world was just too fast-paced. He thought for hundreds of years about how he could slow things down, so he could party and relax more. He asked for advice from Sir Felix and Juliëtte Claire, and it seemed like they had their own problems to sort out. They even played him a song about it. Still, not long after their meeting, the answer came to The Bearded Man in a dream: endless paperwork. He decided to make every process as complicated as possible, and he started the idea of people having to wait 6-8 weeks for the simplest of things to come back to them. Suddenly, he had a lot of free time on his hands. The world thanked him for a long time. His girlfriends appreciated the extra attention, that’s for sure. Of course now, he might admit that it was a mistake, but at least it worked for a while. And to think, the entire train of thought all began with the lyrics of this song.

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  1. 1. In Need Of Attention (02:59)
  2. 2. In Need Of Attention (Extended Mix) (03:57)
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