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Simon & Shaker - NaCo

November 26, 2007
Featured on: Armada House 2007 mixed by ElSandro and Dancefloor Sessions mixed by Blake Jarrell.DJ Mag:Simon & Shaker 'NaCo' (Electronic Elements) 4/5With 'NaCo', the pair wisely explores some new pastures. The track locks in a fine spec of fresh sounds. It then summons a hugely spirited climax to the break - fully opening the filters and letting its sounds rip. Ruben de Ronde's remix, backed by an electro-ish feel is also fine stuff. Form duly returned!DJ Support:Above & Beyond : Supporting the originalBlake Jarrell: Support the original and featured this track on my latest mix compilation!Paul van Dyk: Support on my Radio show!Flash Brothers: good remix on the techy dirty house vibe! well done by Ruben! In our bag. Matt Darey: Massive funky grooves from Simon & Shaker & Quality electro grooves from Ruben!Big Al (Kiss FM): My crowd is going to love the Ruben de Ronde Remix.... 10/10Niklas Harding: Supporting the original!Cor Fijneman: Great track!


  1. 0. NaCo (Original Mix) (09:24)
  2. 0. NaCo (Sam Perez & Brusca Remix) (08:44)
  3. 0. NaCo (Ruben de Ronde Remix) (08:21)
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