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Simon, Shaker and The Sundayprayers - La Noche Del Cometa

August 10, 2009
They already announced it a few months ago; a new Sundayprayers track was on its way. More than 5 years after their last release under this sacred alias, Spanish house masters Simon & Shaker got back on their knees for some divine inspiration and were praised with a new, flaming hot tech-house track. 'La Noche Del Cometa' hits like a comet. Slowly building power, with minimalistic clicks and a mysterious melodic sample it eventually smashes into a dancefloor ravishing break. Deep, solid and danceable are the three keywords to describe 'La Noche Del Cometa', from the hands of State Recordings founders Simon Garcia and Karim Shaker.Blessed with the honour to remix this track, we've got Dutch tech-house talent Joeri Jamison. He playfully set the track to a little more spacey, stripped down version of the original, shining a new light upon this already beatific track.


  1. 0. La Noche Del Cometa (Original Mix) (07:40)
  2. 0. La Noche Del Cometa (Joeri Jamison Remix) (06:55)
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