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Simon Patterson & Blazer - Contraband

August 12, 2013
Hot on the heals of his number 1 hit "The One" on Armin's Armind imprint Simon Patterson teams up with the king of psy breaks - Blazer - to create this twisted acid monster "Contraband". Contributing a remix each this package showcases exactly why each of them is at the top of the tree for their respective genres. "Contraband" is the result of these two powerful producers fusing the sounds they do best. It's psychedelic, it's tough and the production is impeccable. With a breaks mix from Blazer and a 4/4 from Patterson... now the circle is complete. The irony is this really ought to be band. Before someone gets hurt.


  1. 1. Contraband (Simon Patterson Remix) (06:19)
  2. 2. Contraband (Blazer Remix) (05:50)
Keplar quality