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Simmonds & Jones - Interpretations Vol. 2

January 28, 2008
Two grand new mixes of classics on Captivating. The alltime classic Someone by Ascension got a great new rework by Signum and Troubled Soul got a new twist by Paul Webster. Essential tracks! DJ Support:Supported by (amongst others): Armin van Buuren: supporting Signum's great remixFerry Corsten: Supporting the Signum remix!Gareth Emery: Signum mixes bringing this back up to date, liking them.Sander van Doorn: Really like the Signum dub mix!Matt Darey: A true classic, great new remix from SignumAndy Moor: signum have done a great job in remixing this vocal trance classic, top stuff ;-)Cor Fijneman: One of my alltime favourites!!!! Perfect mix by Signum. After all these years I can play it again.Adam White: Amazing - we almost did a Whiteroom Remix of this a few months ago.... good thing we didn't really as we wouldn't have been able to do anything with it8wonders: Massive remix from Signum! Always loved the original and thrillseekers mixes back in the day, this is a quality remix!Sophie Sugar: Excellent mix of an amazing track! Brings back memories!Michael Splint: Great remixes of 2 cool classics!


  1. 0. Someone (Signum Dub Remix) (09:00)
  2. 0. Troubled Soul (Paul Webster Dub Remix) (08:48)
  3. 0. Someone (Signum Vocal Remix) (09:00)
  4. 0. Troubled Soul (08:15)
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