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Felix Leiter - Be Free

October 07, 2016
For at least 2 summers, The Bearded Man’s motto was: “Be Free”. He didn’t mean it in any spiritual sense, only in the sense of that he wanted things to literally be handed to him for free. He went to Marquee day club in Vegas to see David Guetta. They wanted to charge him! He looked at the bouncer and said: “Be Free.” Bam. Free ultra super-fancy, literally-DJing-for-the-crowd VIP tickets. He wanted to get on a plane, but that ish was so expensive! He said: “I need a first class ticket to Dubai!” They said: “Ok sir, that will be $10,000.” The Bearded Man replied: “Be Free.” With that, they escorted him onto the plane, first class, free of charge. It was just that easy. He’d travelled the world, met so many cool people, done just about everything he’d ever wanted to do, all without spending a dime. But he was hungry, so he went into McDonald’s and tried to get a hamburger by saying “Be Free”. They said no. Those guys are f***ing cheapskates.
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