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Silvano Del Gado feat. Suellen Sodrè - Flow

April 24, 2017
Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow of the music and indulge in dance moves you never knew you had in you. And that’s exactly the case with this classic House record from Silvano Del Gado on Stealth Records. With the vocals of Suellen Sodrè filling out the original, the House Club Mix, the Kydus Remix and Nick Corline’s House Work Remix, this magnificent jam is the kind you just have to rock your body to.


  1. 1. Flow (03:07)
  2. 2. Flow (House Club Mix) (03:08)
  3. 3. Flow (Nick Corline House Work Remix) (03:30)
  4. 4. Flow (Kydus Vocal Mix) (03:09)
  5. 5. Flow (Kydus Dub Mix) (02:11)
  6. 6. Flow (Extended Mix) (05:40)
  7. 7. Flow (House Club Extended Mix) (05:24)
  8. 8. Flow (Nick Corline House Work Extended Remix) (06:35)
  9. 9. Flow (Kydus Extended Vocal Mix) (06:34)
  10. 10. Flow (Kydus Extended Dub Mix) (06:34)
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